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The whole day is spent in dancing [entries|friends|calendar]
i'm a diamond and you're cubic zirconia.

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[May12'2009 09:44PM]
you just have to see him, just have to see him, you know that he'll break you in two
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9/28/08 [Sep28'2008 08:00PM]
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[Sep08'2008 08:23PM]
My roommate cracks me up. She is like Lisa Bernier(tiny, brilliant, a bit geeky and Asian) only more ridic. Last I saw her she was lofting her bed. By herself. Right now there is a leaky thing of bleach in our room and she just answered her phone saying, 'hey Paul where you at?' omfg why hasn't she been around sooner
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you are a champion in their eyes [Sep07'2008 07:54PM]
[ mood | sigh ]

I've been here a week and have already fucked things up, probably for good.

I really, really dislike it when women call other women sluts.

Andddddddddd now my roommate's boyfriend is spending the night. Karma's a bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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MOUNTAINS [Sep06'2008 12:59PM]
This is my view. I see it every morning (okay I zoomed in as far as my camera could go but they still exist). Northern lights sooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nsoufoesfsdmsoifeydtriwefewryfr98t6p43rwe9r8wep9v

A shitton of people live here without electricity or running water. Like, really? Winter and all? I'd still live in a cabin, though. Just a very modern one.
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water [Sep04'2008 12:48PM]
Can we talk about how HORRIFIC Fairbanks water is like I go to wash my face in the morning and I feel like I'm swimming. It is so fucking full of CHLORINE. Isn't Alaska supposed to be ~wild~ and ~uninhabited~ CAN'T THEY GET SOME FUCKING WATER FROM A RIVER OR SOMETHING AND NOT HAVE TO TREAT IT it is turning my hair to SHIT and I've been here less than a week. I can't really afford new hair stuff right now either. WTFFFF
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The West, a nest and you, my dear. [Sep03'2008 05:12PM]
[ mood | hopeful ]

I already want to live in this valley in a log cabin and roast elk and moose and wear fur-lined boots and have a plane for my own personal use forever. All you can see is mountains from my room. Bigass, snowy mountains. The leaves are changing already and it'll be snowing by the end of the month.

Manifest destiny is alive and well, my friends. I just want to meet everyone here.

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you'd say 'we're only friends'. Yeah, real good friends, I bet. I bet. [Apr25'2008 11:20AM]
Fuck my life. Getting drunk and going solo to my formal, where I will probably be the Sister who Is Angry but Eventually will Be Reduced to a Pile of Tears.


EDIT I'm actually looking forward to formal. It's just the goings-on of today that will possibly make me angry/sad.
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gon' do it, do it to it [Oct16'2007 11:02AM]
[ mood | why is 'working' a mood? ]

this army guy has walked by like three times now wtf is he doing

some woman from my women's studies classes just walked in here and was like, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?? (i'm at work) YOU'RE IN A SORORITY??!! FOR SHAME!!!! ughhhhh i just wanna choke a bitch

it's nick sweeney's birthday.

i wish people in panhel were mah ~sistahs~ because ~i love them~

everyone is STRESSED and so many people have been like crying today so i will leave you with this quote, courtesy of harun rafi:

"Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is THE BEST." Frank Zappa


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this is why i'm hot AKA microsoft MIMS [Oct06'2007 08:51PM]
[ mood | relaxed ]

i have been severely deprived of worcester boys. hoo boy.

skratch and sniff on WAAF-so good.

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god, wisdom teeth. stop growing. [Jan23'2007 09:06PM]
[ mood | mellow ]

i think little miss sunshine's overrated.

i don't want bridesmaids. there are too many people i want to ask. i can think of ten off the top of my head. or maybe i'll just pass around a sign-up sheet or something. just getting that out there.

i have a new vibrator. it's lavender. i'm excited.

apparently we're getting a new workstudy. he makes his own beer but has a girlfriend. life goes on. i'm not sure how i feel about the new IFC- just something about the kevin/dylan/dumais dynamic. the new panhels are nice though.

i'm dissatisfied with a lot of movie endings. i don't like to guess or think or speculate. just give me a clear-cut ending and one that won't fuck me up.

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i see you winding and grinding up on that poleeee [Jan01'2007 02:07AM]
[ mood | excited ]

new year's is the best because people get to start clean and anything can happen. and who doesn't love the feeling of counting down to the moment where anythign can happen with everyone in the time zone?

:hijack: during the whole Y2K scare i srsly lol'ed for days on end when people were biting their nails and hiding out in bomb shelters ONLY AT 11:59 EASTERN TIME. honestly people. if 2000 hit tokyo, and australia, and moscow, and paris, and london, then surely 2000 will reach all points west of eastern standard time in one piece. i hate tards.

oh yeah and new years' is like the only holiday where you can say 'happy new year!' to anyone and they won't get offended. you'd get protests on easter, st paddy's day, columbus day, even independence day. i relish it.

everything starts today

hold my hand just one more time, to see if you're really gonna need me [Dec27'2006 12:26AM]
[ mood | my face itches. ]

i just sat for the last two hours watching my brother play guitar hero. he wouldn't let me leave until i was done. a nice change from when i would get kicked out because my breathing interfered with his jaws nintendo game.

i don't know what's more fun- christmas, or spending all your christmas gift certificates the next day.

i'll never have a birthday the way othe rpeople celebrate it. but i wouldn't trade christmas for tne brithdays. so it evens out.

i've been wearing these clothes for the past two days. nobody's noticed. i barely haven't.

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well timmy, do you mean v-cast phones? [Dec21'2006 04:17PM]
[ mood | anxious ]

i can guarantee you i've done this before.Collapse )

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[Aug16'2006 02:17PM]
[ mood | there are no words. ]

this is me weeping for the younger generation.

last night i was going to the library and kate was like, 'pick up odysseus rex for me'.


so, ignoring that bit of idiocy i get her a book of sophocles's plays.

five minutes ago she comes barging in her, with my cousin in tow.


oedipus rex, in this edition, was called oedipus the king.

i point to the page that it started.


may i add that she's reading this for AP english.

most days i have faith in humanity. then something like this happens and it all ocmes crashing down.

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still representin' for them gangstas all across the world [Jun24'2004 08:15PM]
[ mood | calm ]

comment to be added fuckers

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